Roombasket is Resident Pro’s Online Booking Engine | Automated | Commission Free

Roombasket Online Bookings

The Roombasket online booking service can bring your website alive. Your bookings go straight from your website, directly into your Reservation Chart on Resident Pro, and your website availability is kept up-to-date automatically. Your guests receive instant confirmations, and you can change your prices on demand…

0% commission

Roombasket is a commission free booking system for your own website.

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  • Roombasket works 24/7, even if your reception is busy a guest can book on your website.
  • With Roombasket guests do not pay a booking fee, and the hotel pays no commission.
  • Roombasket makes it really easy to sell your rooms online because it keeps your website up-to-date automatically with your current room availability.
  • Online Booking ChampagneYou have control over your online prices and can closeout rates and rooms as you wish.
  • Online bookings are automatically delivered into your Reservation Chart on Resident Pro in PINK.
  • Guests can book several rooms at a time (even over several different dates!) but must agree to your terms and conditions and supply their credit card details.
  • Discounts can be applied, showing the original room price.
  • Online Booking FlowersOptional extras can be sold online too (i.e. Champagne, Flowers etc.).
  • Booking Message button can be added to the booking process to promote the latest.
  • Coupons can be accepted online too (i.e. discounts or freebies when booking online) and you have control over creating, amending and deleting the coupons.


Works with Tripconnect

Roombasket is a certified Tripconnect booking engine (add it to your Tripadvisor business listing).

White House Hotel
Dave Galea, White House Hotel, Whitby

Having never used an on-line booking engine before, we have been very impressed at how easy and user friendly Roombasket is, nine months in and we’re still finding new things that the Resident Pro system does, and everyone of them very useful.  View More Testimonials…